Latest release - 1.3e (22 oct 2023)
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System requirements and installation guide
Test broadcasts
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What is PixiVisor

PixiVisor is a tool for experimenting with the transmission of video over audio.
It consists of two parts: Transmitter and Receiver.
Transmitter converts the low-resolution video (stream from camera, static image or GIF animation) to sound in real time, pixel by pixel (progressive scan). So any image or animation can be transferred to the other devices through the sound.
Receiver converts the sound (from microphone or Line-in input) back to video. You can set the color palette for this video, and record it to animated GIF file.

Key features:
  • file formats supported by Transmitter: JPEG, PNG, GIF (static and animated);
  • real-time video export to animated GIF;
  • 64 predefined color palettes;
  • input from camera (iOS, Android, Linux);
  • iOS: iTunes File Sharing;
  • iOS: Wi-Fi Export/Import (in the File menu of the Transmitter);
  • more functions in the next PixiVisor updates...
Examples of usage:
  • wireless Lo-Fi video transmission over audio;
  • video signal transmission through audio cable; you can then modify that signal by some mixers or audio FX processors;
  • VJing;
  • sound visualization;
  • save any sound to animated GIF;
  • searching for hidden messages in the ambient noise; EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication);
  • something else...
Instruction on how to connect the other computer (or some synthesizer, mixer, microphone) to the Android/iOS device

Test broadcasts

Turn on the Receiver and play these audio files:
Broadcast 01
Broadcast 02