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What is PhonoPaper

PhonoPaper is:
  • format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.);
  • real-time PhonoPaper-code reader (using the camera);
  • PhonoPaper-code generator (sound to image converter).
Key features:
  • PhonoPaper-code is analogue, so it is not so sensitive to different types of the image distortion (bad camera, dark picture, wrinkled paper, etc.); at least you will hear the "silhouette" of the original sound;
  • PhonoPaper does not require access to the network; its code is self-contained;
  • PhonoPaper-code can be played in real-time with hand-controlled speed and direction;
  • PhonoPaper-code can be drawn by hand (paper version of the Virtual ANS synth).

Examples of usage:
  • voice messages (or pieces of music) on the billboards, posters, postcards, goods;
  • audio labels for phonorecords;
  • audio examples in some textbooks;
  • secret messages;
  • art-experiments;
  • learning the basics of the spectral music.
PhonoPaper is based on the Virtual ANS engine - it is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS.
So if you want to make more complex PhonoPaper-codes - use the Virtual ANS.

Default PhonoPaper-code length is 10 seconds. But you can make it shorted or longer - playing speed can be changed manually.
More technical details about the code are here.

Logo design by Goglus
Special thanks to Darya Ovechkina and Anton Rozhin / RA Voskhod.


Examples of use

Ural Music Night (music festival) / RA Voskhod:

Popular Mechanics magazine:

The City Sounds quest / SODA Creative Agency

PhonoPaper-code examples

Click on the image to zoom it in.

NightRadio - PhonoPaper Intro 1

NightRadio - PhonoPaper Intro 2

Говорит и показывает Москва

Ой мороз

W.A.Mozart - Lacrimosa

W.A.Mozart - Serenade No.13

J.S.Bach - Toccata

Jean-Baptiste Lully - Folia


J.S.Bach - Prelude & Fugue No.8

Мы к вам, профессор

Все поделить

Говорит и показывает Москва

W.A.Mozart - Lacrimosa

J.S.Bach - Prelude & Fugue No.8

NightRadio - Time Flow

Empty template with octaves and time markers