A Smattering of My Past Stuff...

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A Smattering of My Past Stuff...

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OK, Well, I guess I'll get this over with...I ain't no pro Tracker...

First Tracker Tune Made in SunVox 1.8x using XI instruments from the KLarchive-


Next done in IoNeo Aero Studio 5 tracks all scored in the piano roll then adjusted in the tracker view. Aero does great job of simply hooking directsound...Didn't bother mixing this at all just puked it out-


Then one done in OLD Renoise that wasn't finished before crash & now that renoise is no longer 32bit no XP function forget it...Was having issues with it as it was THEN for massive RAM-CPU a bit ridiculous for a tracker to be that way might as well use something else-

https://alonetone.com/TalkOrBell/tracks ... -%28wip%29

This one had just started & got intro done in Aodix 4.2 so all DSP was lost will have to rebuild this one. Done with QWERTY only then adjusting notes with Aodix's INGENIOUS vertical piano roll. Pitch bends for fretless bass harmonics were done with Joystick-

https://alonetone.com/TalkOrBell/tracks ... intro-only
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