has my music gotten better or worse?

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has my music gotten better or worse?

Post by AutumnCheney »

while i was getting new releases ready, i began to wonder: i’ve been making music for nearly five years now, and as i enter my next creative period, my music will change significantly compared to my prior periods. that’s just a side effect of learning more about the process and getting comfortable with the intricacies of the art. however, i want to know, subjectively, has my music gotten better or worse?

i can’t answer this question myself, so i want you to tell me! do you think my music has improved since the years prior, or has it began to lack something? feel free to email me or chime in on my rocket.chat instance; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a longtime fan or have only heard a few of my recent works. also feel free to use whatever criteria you like

if you’re on newgrounds, you can also comment here

thank you! i’ll see you at my next release
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Re: has my music gotten better or worse?

Post by WaxingAndWaning »

I don't know what your old stuff sounded like I did listen to a number of your tunes over on your site which is quite setup nicely I like the plain oldskool 'pixel' nuance...

I could offer advice on how you might make what you do more musical but I don't know what your style is going for or if you are wanting tips or just confirmation... Maybe what you are doing is exactly what you are going for...

Only if you wish... I am rather old, used to play bass (both fretted & fretless) in bands back in the 70's & 80's, pretty much just dabble around now...
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