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Hi everyone!

I have been dabbling a bit with sunvox lately, it is such a fun and creative program with real unique characteristics, I am loving it.

I have decided to finally try and get a song/idea close to finish and I wanted to share my work in progress.

It needs alot of levels adjusted and rises and dynamics put in, maybe some new parts to get a better flow, but I am liking it.

I have a real love of modular synth sounds and ideas so have tried a bit to experiment, however I am very much a noob at all this.

1 thing i particularly liked myself was i tried to emulate a cassette tape running low or just old and crappy creating a warble and flutter in the sound.

I used a volca bass sampled to get some rythmic bass sounds and a couple of patterns, i also used samples for the drums and string parts.

Hope you like it, and please if you have any critisism I would love to hear it! I want to learn learn learn!

Loving the community!!



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