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The library of image rotation and palette manipulation

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:17 am
by N.I
Rota is a native library of image rotation and palette manipulation.
It has the following functions.

- pixirota(dest_img,dest_width,dest_height,src_img,src_width,src_height,angle)
Copies the image rotated to the specified angle.

- rnd(range)
Returns a random number between 0 and the range provided-1.

- palette_set(palette_array,kind)
Sets the palette array of the specified platform.

- palette_change(src_image,length,to_palette_array,from_palette_array)
Changes the color of the image with palette arrays.

- palette_copy(dest_palette_array,src_palette_array)
Copies the palette array.

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