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Pixilang 3.8

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 3:57 pm
by NightRadio
Pixilang programming language has been updated to version 3.8!

What is new:
  • Android 6+: USB MIDI support;
  • Android: arm64 and x86_64 support;
  • Android 2.3 support has been dropped; now the minimum is 4.1;
  • new operator "!" - logical NOT; example: if !condition { ... };
  • new operator "~" - bitwise NOT (inversion); example: a = ~b;
  • SunVox modular synth engine is now part of Pixilang; see examples/sound/sunvox (pixi-files and readme.txt); full API documentation is here:;
  • new command-line option "-?" for help (show usage with all possible options);
  • new function remove_prop( container, property_name ) - remove the property from the container;
  • new function get_file_format( filename, stream ) - get file (or stream, if filename == -1) format (one of the FORMAT_xxxx constants); see basics/get_file_format.pixi;
  • new function get_fformat_mime( fileformat ) - get MIME type (string) for specified file format;
  • new function get_fformat_ext( fileformat ) - get the extension (string) for specified file format;
  • new function reinterpret_type( value, mode, intermediate_value_bits ) - for the type punning ; see basics/type_punning.pixi;
  • new function textinput_dialog( default_text, dialog_name ) - open SunDog-based text input dialog and return the entered string; only Latin letters are supported now; see graphics/textinput_dialog.pixi example;
  • new function update_gl_data( cnum ) sends a request to update the OpenGL texture associated with container cnum; use this function if the contents (pixels) of the container have changed, but the size remains the same;
  • new function conv_filter() - convolution filter (convolution matrix); see graphics/convolution_filter.pixi example;
  • new function get_text_xysize() (the parameters are the same as for functions get_text_xsize and get_text_ysize); return value = xsize | ( ysize << 16 );
  • num_to_str(): optional parameter radix (supported values: 10 and 16);
  • print(), get_text_xsize(), get_text_ysize(): new optional parameters: str_offset, str_size;
  • option (flag) for the file_dialog() - FDIALOG_FLAG_LOAD (check file availability);
  • support of additional escape sequences as described here: ;
  • new built-in global variable: PIXILANG_INFO - information (flags) about the current Pixilang runtime environment;
  • new sound examples: wav_recorder, sunvox/;
  • new graphics examples: convolution_filter, textinput_dialog, gears, demoscene/;
  • new benchmark (examples/benchmarks): variables;
  • new library (lib) - demo (Pixilang Demoscene Engine);
  • examples with the basics of the Pixilang are now in this folder: examples/basics;
  • new documentation:
  • field EVT_UNICODE has been removed (never used) - in future it will be implemented through special events;
  • fixed bug in the processing of the max_xsize parameter (functions print(), get_text_xsize(), get_text_ysize());
  • bug fixes.
Only compiled versions are available now. Source codes will be released later.

Re: Pixilang 3.8

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:37 pm
by AutumnCheney
aaaaaa yes!!! i've been meaning to get into pixilang and the sunvox library, and this release is a treat for me!

can't wait until you release the sources! i'll enjoy analyzing them :)