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pixilang 2.0 and win7 64bit

Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:38 pm
by spiny
Hi guys,
are there any issues with pixilang and win7 64bit ?

I've got back into pixi coding after a year or so break and i now have a newer computer :) the code i've done runs fine on xp but runs very slowly on win7.

when i start the pixilang exe, the 'byte code generation' bit now takes 30-40 seconds and when the program is running some functions make the program stall for 5 or so seconds, specifically routines like this:

nowplaying = 8
progress = 165
load_music ("finalmusic/08-Rhino-Next.xm",8)
vol = 0
music_volume( vol )
play_music (8)

i have a few different tunes that can be changed with a keypress, for example, pressing '8' calls the above routine, but it seems to hang for a while on the load_music part.

I have semi-replicated this by trying a 'pre load' of all the tunes, and they take just as long to load if i put the load_music at the start of the program as they do if i call each one when i want to change the tune.

the only difference other than win7 is that I have a lot of network shares on this machine, and i've noticed that 'pixifiles2.dat' seems to be doing something with visible drive letters, is it anything to do with this ?

cheers, phil :)

Re: pixilang 2.0 and win7 64bit

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:20 pm
by spiny
Nightradio suggested dropping back to v1.6 and that did the trick :)

back to coding now .. :)