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Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:55 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
Hello all, have been trying out Aodix recently. Pretty good & certainly a different take on tracking. Nice to have different angles & aspects to all these trackers.
You can learn a little more by going here-
Very sad the genius dev died so tragically...He was responsible for alot of great stuff now like Renoise, Directwave & many others. Well it is a free DAW tracker these days & shines for its target strengths which are-
* VST Instruments Only, No sampler but not a problem cause there are alot of VST samplers, like the free Vember Audio Shortcircuit. VST Implementation is VERY GOOD.
*ASIO Drivers ONLY...Could be a show stopper for some but I found it meshes REAL GOOD with ASIO4ALL even on a 10 year old laptop.
*Low CPU Overhead...I really respect that one!
*Integrated 'VERTICAL' Piano Roll right along with the pattern editor. Great for Reshaping-Repitching notes. You just gotta try it.
*All parameters of any VST are automation ready & you can midi learn on your keyboard sliders or just manually record automation onscreen with a mouse moving small knobs. Tempo changes can also be automated over the course of the tune.
On the negative side I have found-
@Poor Undo...If you finish an edit & think you should do it over you must immediately do a CNTRL-Z...You cannot play it to see as hitting the play button will wipe out any undo chance so will require a manual cut. Forget about multiple instances of undo here.
@Apparently only renders to RAW format not WAV so you'll have to use another app to convert.
@May not remember some plugin settings which you can either write them down before closing your saved song or you can apparently edit the song file with a hex editor (haven't got that far yet)

I think the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages, hands down. Plus it's for free.

You can download it here- ... odix.shtml

OR from me...I have included all the Arguru Software which includes Stardust (Channel Strip), Voyager (Synth) and Aodix plus some extra skins I got from a blog no longer alive & a few other MHTs from that site-


Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:38 pm
by iaon
Aodix is pretty special indeed. I've used it a bit as a blank canvas to play around on with vst's. (Cynthia is one I remember fondly.) It literally leaves you to your own devices in terms of mixing, instruments and effects. Very flexible routing, timing, sequencing and automation. I've been hanging on to it till I get a decent laptop again. Even without getting into all the functionality it's pretty easy to record or write a little loop using vst's and render it for use in, say, SunVox.

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Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 12:25 am
by WaxingAndWaning
For a minute I thought you were talking about CZynthia from AlgoMusic...Which apparently won't ever be available as the AlgoMusic Website seems to be GONE! Too bad too...
Yes, it leaves you to ur own stuff but if you spend a good day looking around there are alot of great freebie vst especially for 32bit as alot of payware is going freeware. Shoot, ALL UGO plugs are free now, ALL (but one) H.G. FORTUNE Plugs are free now. There is VSTzone's Eclipsis for free which easily could be a payware plug. I could go on all day...
I have tried loading up Kontakt 5 in Aodix...Does great with the small to maybe medium type libraries but chokes on the large ones. Pretty damn impressive for a tracker that will soon be 9 years old.
Hey, anybody here using Kontakt should go to
There is a Kontakt library for free there which is one of the best Pad-Atmo-FX library you will EVER load up in Kontakt. It was made by Vera Kinter as a memorial to Tim Conrardy who died in like 2009. She certainly did him justice...You will need Version 5.2.1 or later to run it.

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:40 pm
by iaon
I found a few AlgoMusic plugins in a cloud backup, including CZynthia (should be Windows versions). If you're still looking for it...

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Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:39 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
Well...Have started my first official tune in Aodix with absolutely no problems except the 'plugin not found error' when reloading a saved song file. After trying to open the song file with a hex editor & having no luck hunting around I decided to use a different tactic.

#Save your song BEFORE loading any new instance of a new plugin. If you are working so far & your plugins are found by Aodix on loading a saved song you have been lucky & it will always find those plugs it 'likes' no matter how many instances you are using of the same plug. Anyway, save before loading any new plug, then load a new plug then save again using 'save as...' And use a different incremental name. Now close & reopen that song with the new plug & see if it likes the plug path. If it doesn't you can go back to the previous save right before adding the new plug. In this way you can build a list of 'liked path plugs' that will always work#

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:21 am
by organic io
WaxingAndWaning wrote: Very sad the genius dev died so tragically...He was responsible for alot of great stuff now like Renoise, Directwave & many others.
Just a minor correction, Arguru wasn't directly involved with Renoise, but he made Noisetrekker, which the code of Renoise was originally based on. But yeah, his death was definitely tragic.

I've tried Aodix before, but not really long enough to get used to it. Interestingly, he also made Psycle which is another great software :)

I'm pretty much a Renoise user for life now :D

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Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:21 am
by WaxingAndWaning
I have made a few tunes in renoise, there is much to like but I hate the excessive RAM usage in renoise. I can name you clearly a dozen sequencer DAWs that use less RAM & CPU than renoise. So there is no real advantage to using a tracker that uses more resources than a standard DAW & If I wanted a tracker in any DAW I could just use reVisit. Aodix, on the other hand, will do the same as renoise using about a third the RAM & a bit less CPU. I recommend Aodix for a few reasons-

1- The Vertical Piano Roll is genius. Works 'right there' in conjunction with the tracker view. Great for lengthening notes to form chords or quickly changing pitch. Much more interactive than combo tracker-piano roll DAWs like Aero Studio or Dreamstation II. You can also drag notes as close together or even stacked on top of each other to create things like flams or rolling riffs...I could go on.This one feature is worth learning this tracker!

2-No fixed pattern lengths...You can make a tune one full pattern only or use different patterns with pattern calls.

3-Works very efficient with some VSTi...surprisingly low CPU-RAM. However some will not work at all. Best option is just to have a buttload of plugs for Aodix to choose from.

Yes, I know Arguru was involved with Psycle but I don't much care for Psycle as it is poor on plugin scanning. Much prefer Buzz as it is just fabulous at plugin scanning.

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:03 am
by Littlewoodg
many thanks for sharing the Aodix links and notes!
the skins are such a treat, id just come back to Aodix after a hiatus and new skins are a next-level renewal
Aodix is so very cool, a one of a kind favorite pluginhost DAW etc that gives more modern stuff a real run for its money. the low RAM, low cpu is always a plus, given the hunger of some of my favorite synth monsters.
as mentioned above its an incredible tool thats also a ridiculous bargain, (free) and there are so many free amazing vst available

one tip that marries Aodix virtues with Renoise's: Im hosting Redux inside Aodix and its a gas (and its some how feels "just right", if the skins matched it would feel as if it were one software)

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 6:11 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
Nice to meet you friend & you are welcome. Yes, the site I got the skins & the little extra info is no longer alive but I like the other skins too. I may try my hand at making one or two myself in the future.
Hey, if you are interested in the Subtek or Spirit Valley mixers to use in Aodix then let me know, I can upload for you. Those are the one's shown in the extra MHTs. I am using the spirit valley mixers, they are small, but not too small like the subtek.
Have tried Renoise but don't like the excessive RAM usage...I can do a similar tune in Aodix for less than a third the RAM, leaving plenty for resource hungry instruments. But to say the least, after using the vertical piano roll of Aodix & the 'unlimited pattern length' features there just is no going back.
I have also recently discovered Bremmer's Multitrack Studio also. What a great DAW with low CPU-RAM & can host DX as well as VST instruments.

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Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:01 pm
by Littlewoodg
@WaxingAnd Waning I agree with you about Renoise, its too hungry, and maybe overly fiddly too?

The Renoise folks plugin Redux has the virtues of Renoise (sample play of every kind) and brings that to any host of choice, great inside Aodix for example...
I like Bremmers MTS very much also, first found it on iOS, than bought the Windows version, very elegant RAM and cpu wise, like Aodix...and good pairing of tools

Yes the spirit valley mixer looks cool, I would like to give it a try!

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:49 pm
by WaxingAndWaning
Hello again...Yes, I agree on Renoise. What a shame too as it has so many cool features. Never in my life would I have figured a tracker could be so 'hungry'. Don't know much about Redux but I am starting to hear good things. It appears to be like SonicBytes Phrazor, which I happen to use. I also very much agree about Bremmer's MultiTrack...I just recently discovered it. It might be a good candidate for a 'Low RAM-CPU Example Tune' that I envision. Seems like so many think you have to have a modern 64bit machine with 16 GB RAM & 4GHZ speed just to make music. My plan is to make a short yet rich tune with many tracks & try to keep the RAM at 100 MB or under & CPU as low as possible either on a 11 year old laptop with low spec or a netbook slightly newer. Then I would make a video of it. Mostly the purpose is to prove a point.
Been goin' through my plugs & carefully monitoring CPU-RAM events while auditioning to make a list. Best plugs for lowest CPU-RAM whilst creating the most noise are the old Oscillasoft Plugs (Used to be Rocktave). Those should go into the VST Hall-of-Fame Museum as best pieces of code. Genius level stuff that plug devs should study before embarking.
You seem 'RAM-CPU Aware' as well.

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:05 am
by Littlewoodg
Many thanks my friend!
Will give some thought to the efficient plugs I've come's an ongoing search...Will check out Oscillasoft. Freeware-wise 32gb stuff from B Serrano and Psychic Modulation comes to mind. Also the Elektrostudio emulations seem quite cpu-elegant The older Psychic Modulation freeware is out there on the net in various places, the pay stuff is cool too Also I'm appreciating physical modeling more and more, as an efficient approach on synthesis...
Your idea for a lowRAM lowCPU project is fantastic, that point needs to be made...
Best wishes from Echo Park

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:52 am
by WaxingAndWaning
You are welcome, Friend. These mixers make a better system then clicking on connection wires in machine views Some of those mixers are hard to find now, I guess not the need these days.
Crud! Thanks for the recommendations I am up on the psychic modulation stuff...Haven't tested yet though. Didn't even think of the Elektrostudio stuff...Didn't know it was freeware either. Kind of lookin' for a light RAM Pad Synth however I might try Oscillasoft Universal for 2-4 instances in Xlutop Chainer. I also have is light but not as light as the Oscillasoft plugs. Downloaded VSTzone's Eclipsis...Man, nice sound but just a bit too much RAM-CPU for my purpose.
If you're interested you can check out a tune I did in Ioneo Aero Studio about a year ago at-

I used all plugins on it- no samples & on a 11 year old Toshiba laptop with 1.4 GHZ speed single core celeron with just 1.25 GB RAM the DAW was using 162 MB RAM but CPU kinda high at 50% or so. Not bad for an old crappy laptop. You see the machine's age will be a factor as well, older the better to prove a point. So either the Toshiba or a Acer Netbook.

Testing best pick DAWs found the following-

Ioneo Aero Studio 18MB IDLING
EnergyXT (Version 1.4.1) 8MB IDLING
Bremmer's MultiTrack 7MB IDLING

This was on that same OLD Toshiba...Looks like Bremmer's may be the one. Tried many others but some were 100's of MB RAM just fired up and IDLING. Shoot I need the whole tune to be half that!! LOL! I also may sacrifice a few MBs RAM to use Aodix as I think it would be the most visually appealing as I will be making a screencast of the running DAW with Task manager & Computer info on screen as well.
Wow...guess I'm gettin' a little fired up on this as I see I have wrote a bunch here. I am sure there have been others who've tried this but I have never actually seen anybody do it.
Thanks for treading through my verbiage Friend & thanks for the tips...I am going now to DL The Elektrostudio Stuff.

Have a good one Littlewoodg- W&W

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:17 pm
by Littlewoodg
@WaxingAnd Waning
I see you tested another past fav of mine Energyxt...elegant code but turns out MTS beats that one too, its cool to see your #s on the stuff!

Vey cool tune! I felt the Native stomp in the swagger, very well titled, great drive and I like those soaring synths.
I went hunting for the Oscillasoft stuff, no luck. Rocktave site now belongs to a jeweler, lol. EDIT: found a link for a Oscillasoft vst pack, will check em out...

Am tempted by Modelonia...seemed like a nice price.
A low cpu pad maker, great challenge. Freeware again: a favorite synthedit monster is ugo M-Theory, lots of arp stuff but everything else too, and the pads are not ultra hungry. Very interesting hybrid. Also HG stuff, some of its sound font based, my favorite atmo, pad one is Altair 4...
Modelonia's dev's Dahornet (a classic you already know I'm sure) has ridiculously efficient pads...layering up a few instances could be massive...
Pay ware I've been getting into AAS, their first Ultra Analog and Tassman. Pricey though? The pads are pretty cpu friendly
Another cpu efficient hybrid for pads would be BigTick Rhino 2...
I've got an old toshiba too, time to dust it off and try the downsize challenge!
Just opened the mixer pack you linked, amazing resources, many thanks amigo!

Re: Arguru Aodix...

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:51 am
by WaxingAndWaning
Sure would be nice to have you join in on the 'Vintage Challenge' even though it's largely a self-gratifying event. Would probably blow a few minds & make a few rethink how they view audio software and plugins. It would be worth forming a new thread here just for it.
Thanks for the compliments on my tune. I think you are the first to mention hearing the 'swagger'. Yes it does have that. I don't use many effects or parlor tricks but I did use some compression on the drum track which brought out the ride cymbal for that 'tch..tch.tch.tchushh' that is when i noticed the swagger then soon after 'Apache' came to mind as it sounded better than Cherokee (I am 1/4 Cherokee). It's kinda short as I could'nt figure out how to extend the sequencer view (Aero Studio has NO HELP or MANUAL) Recently I was in it & just hit the 'right arrow' while in the sequencer & THERE IT WAS...As much sequencer as you want, so I will probably do a full version of the tune. All the Synth runs in it were done via piano roll with the pitch & effect bends done in automation. Velocity edits were done in the tracker view (Aero Studio is piano roll & tracker). In other words the tune was done all onscreen & QWERTY (I do have 3 MIDI controllers though).
Wow...I agree 100% on your assessment of EnergyXT VS MTS. You know what you are talking about. I never really took a liking to version 2.xx of EnergyXT preferring Version 1.xx instead. After all they are 2 completely different types of code. BUTT!...I do like MTS's ability to use DX DXI DIRECT X PLUGS! I still have plenty. Many are small GUI single purpose easy to use. Nowadays it is complex modular filters with exotic GUIs (and plenty of wasted screen space). You go clicking around then spend hours reading a manual just to find out "Jeez!...How do I get a simple autoWah out of this?" My solution is to go to the plugin named 'autowahDX.dll". I have always deemed it a benefit to have a plugin that installs BOTH as a VSTi & DXi. Simple...if the VSTI fails scanning (more common) you ALWAYS have the DXi still. By the way I have Tassman from many years ago back then it was both VSTi DXi. Yes it is fuel efficient but not as much as the others I have mentioned.
As usual I seem to have made this post too long. I have DLed all the Elektrostudio plugs last night. Time for more tests. Yes the HG Fortune stuff is pretty cool...Have you got Art Pyrite Free or Pro? From If not go there & get the free version, then go to KVR for their listing of Art Pyrite & you'll find lots of patches to DL for the free version. I plan on buying the pro but scraping bottom right now.....
Thanks for your input Friend! W&W