Escapes 5 by Sunvox

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Escapes 5 by Sunvox

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hello this is my first ambient electronic composition using the Sunvox program on Gnu Linux. Very simple in the drawing, I used a synthetic generator included in the program and two reverberation and delay effects. Good listening and downloading. such composition will be part of my next album made exclusively with open source programs and tools called Escapes that will be as freely downloadable and shared as possible from my jamendo page (nick name Pierecall) ciao


PS : i have a used Sunvox 1.9.2 on gnu linux debian stretch 9 with repository kxstudio 14.04.5 on old computer imac 24 ( not mac osx partition,only debian stretch) 3 giga ram,core duo duo 2,4 ghz. hd 1 terabyte

Hp Elite 8200 Sff + Raspberry pi4 (4 giga ram) - Sunvox 1.9.5 - Mx Linux 19 (Debian Buster based) + Raspbian Buster
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