Question about frequancy modulation

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Question about frequancy modulation

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Hello folks,

I am trying to create a realistic clarinet sound and partly it is going well! I am using frequency modulation by using generator modules and somehow (I dont know why) it skips in this particular configurations the needed overtones so now it sounds exactly like a clarinet in the low register.

two questions:
1. Why is this configuration resulting in a clarinet sound? I like to understand what is happening technically :)
2. In the high register the sound becomes 'crunchy' because the drawn generator is generating this. I actually need the generator to be a drawn spline and this would be solved. How to recreate the frequency modulation by using analog generators?

ps. I hope in the new sunvox there will be round robin for the multisynth so this instrument can perform polyphonic...

I am trying to recreate this sound using analog generators but it sounds totally different.
PhilipBergwerf Clarinet tone.sunsynth
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