Best Way to Pitch Bend or Slide a Generator?

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Best Way to Pitch Bend or Slide a Generator?

Post by shawn_eary »

When I click on an Analog Generator in SunVox most of them seem to have 19 properties:
  • 01 - Volume
    02 - Waveform
    03 - Panning
    04 - Attack
    05 - Release
    06 - Sustain
    07- Exponential Envelope
    08 - Duty Cycle
    09 - Freq2
    0A - Filter
    0B - F. freq (Hz)
    0C - F. resonance
    0D - F. exponential freq
    0E - F. attack
    0F - F. release
    10 - F. envelope
    11 - Polyphony (ch.)
    12 - Mode
    13 - Noise
I don't see anywhere in that generator where I can adjust the Fundamental (or Base) frequency of the tone without changing the MIDI note.

If I want to apply a Pitch Bend in SunVox, is it correct that I am supposed to connect the Misc. - Glide or Effects - Pitch shifter modules to the generator and use them? If so which one is best? In the short term I want to sweep from one note to the next in small subsections of a note pattern.

I am not using a MIDI controller at this time. Everything is entered "by hand" using a computer keyboard and mouse.
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Re: Best Way to Pitch Bend or Slide a Generator?

Post by Keres »

From the manual:

01 - slide up (portamento up; sliding speed = XXYY);
02 - slide down (portamento down; sliding speed = XXYY);
03 - slide to note (sliding speed = XXYY);
04 - vibrato; (XX - frequency; YY - amplitude);

these commands work on the analog generator, the generator and the sampler. I think they also work on the Vorbis player, not sure. they also work on the Multisynth or Glide that would control other modules.

the Glide is a good option, it has the ability to control the rate at which a note slides to the next. you can do some neat tricks from fast pitch decay (like on a bassdrum) or vibrato. best thing to do is just play around with the commands above and try out the Glide. usually for a bass-line my chain goes like this:

Multisynth==>Glide==>Analog Generator.

hope this helps.
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