Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer
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Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Post by fleetfoot »


I just discovered Virtual ANS several days ago. I'm finding it fascinating and I'm wondering how I might use it in actual musical scores. Anyway, it's fun to just try out different things to see what will come out of it.

I was wondering if it would be possible to upload V-ANS files to share with others. It could be a way to demonstrate certain techniques or just get other peoples opinions on a project.

So I'm going to try it. This file has an image I found a long time ago that claimed to be an alien star map showing the positions of their home system and general territory relative to the Sol system which they encountered in their explorations.

Alex, I did send a donation towards your efforts, and I'm looking forward to the iOS version when it's out. I hope this board has the space to accept uploads if it works out.

Regards all,

Well I tried it and the .ANS file extension is not allowed. I tried uploading the .JPG image itself and the reply was that only files up to 32Kb are allowed. That's too small for this image so...
If anyone is interested here's a link to the .JPG image I used. It's 1.9 meg (the ANS file itself is actually 5.4 meg). I just opened it in V-ANS and inverted it and added a slight horiz. blur. I play very slowly around 2 pixels per beat. It's very eerie to say the least!

Here's the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/210 ... ropped.jpg

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Re: Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Post by NightRadio »

Hi, fleetfoot!
Thank you!

Unfortunately i have no enough free space on this server :( So you can't upload big files here.
But if you have some finished ANS tracks - please share them on this SoundCloud group: https://soundcloud.com/groups/virtual-ans
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Re: Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Post by Sensory Overload »

The cool thing I have noticed is that not only is sharing possible, but collaboration as well! Image files may be smaller than actual ANS files (not sure, and not necessarily, i am thinking, BUT...) Images are easily shared through many venues such as email, Facebook, etc., and not only easily editable in the program, but in programs such as GIMP or Photoshop as well! In this fashion, one could quite easily either share brushes, or if one has a personal set of brushes different from another collaborator, a very interesting and unique project could be created both visually as well as sonically.

The possibilities of this one little synthesizer are really endless if you have an artistic mindset! And, that is just working with this program alone, not even combining it with SunVox or other Tracker/DAW!

I'm so thrilled I found this, and started playing with it! I'm still experimenting, not using it for anything "finished" yet, but I will say I have created some very nice ambient pieces, including some great soothing backgrounds with which to fall asleep to! I need to do a bit more practicing with the zoom, and my painting skills though, as I found you can make some beautiful Halloween background music with "ghost wails" as well!!!

EDIT: I forgot to add... the one thing about sharing and collaborating, is that you must provide information for consistency, such as the pixels per beat... I'm not certain that information is contained in the exported jpeg file....although it MIGHT be, and technically if not, it should be "possible", as I have found there are other programs that can code things or "hide" information and things inside a jpeg file.
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Re: Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Post by simonchadwick »

Just to add my thanks to NightRadio for this amazing musical instrument.
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Re: Wondering if Sharing is Possible

Post by AMechanics »

First of all, thanks for this VI..it really is an outstanding piece of software, one which is very useful for music production.

Just wanted to reboot the whole sharing thing on here and ask if perhaps we could have a thread on here where others could post if they have files to share..and we could then communicate back and forth with each other, given that hosting such files on you servers is out of the question. This would be way of dealing with the issue..as well as expanding on the program's usefulness in general.

Just an idea.

Dan (AM)
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