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Haiku Support

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:58 am
by hseiken
I don't normally make feature requests much these days and act more as a conscienscious objector to superfluous and sometimes well meaning but not very well thought out requests, much to the dismay of people making them I suppose (and I welcome you to come and do the same to me here!), but after giving the beta release of Haiku a go and seeing it's potential power in action, I think Sunvox would be a great demonstration for it as well as filling a huge gap in audio production soft since as of this writing there's virtually nothing that does any real synthesizing or even audio editing, just simple midi and media playback tools.

Considering how long this OS has been in active development behind the scenes, I think it's proven it's staying power, however lack of users and public awareness of it may prove to make the idea of porting it unrealistic. I would note, however, that depending on the libraries used, it's possible that porting may be as easy as compiling as several projects I've read about have needed little to no work from their Linux ports...I"m not promising it will be that easy, but it's been reported for some that this is the case.

Thanks for consideration.