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My #1 wish for SunVox: Record into existing pattern

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:01 pm
by jbw
I realize SunVox and trackers are sort of set up for entering data with a keyboard, and "programming" songs, however I think being able to record live playing and record live automation into a preexisting pattern of a fixed length would be a HUGE step forward for SunVox.


-create a new empty pattern of 64 beats
-enter some notes and other data (current way to use SunVox)
-hit record (maybe have a specific "Record into selected pattern" button)
-listen to looping pattern and add notes (maybe even have an option to delete)
-keep listening and add parameter changes (filter sweeps, or other automation movements)
-and so on and so forth

This would be a great way to work with patterns, and create variations of patterns, without having to trim anything.

Maybe you don't want to take SunVox this direction, but I for one think it would be a really nice addition without compromising the spirit of SunVox, because after all you could keep the old way of creating patterns. This would just be an addition.

I hope to see it someday soon! :D

Re: My #1 wish for SunVox: Record into existing pattern

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:09 am
by jbw
For notes you could also toggle the record to either replace notes on a line where previous existing notes were overwritten, or add to notes on a line so that previously existing notes remained.

Re: My #1 wish for SunVox: Record into existing pattern

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:13 pm
by Twindle Jumper
I'm also searching around for how to do this, so that I can keep overdubbing the same loop without going outside of its boundaries. I even feel like I remember doing it and just changed a setting or something... But I can't find how to do it now.

Re: My #1 wish for SunVox: Record into existing pattern

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:45 am
by Keres
You can do this easily with Linux/Jack and 2 copies of sunvox. Sunvox even has a built in Keyboard1 and Keyboard2 MIDI device that works between copies under normal ALSA. Timing is an issue with MIDI, but Jack is a real-time audio server so latency is really good.

so you can say... get a collection of metamodules with each multisynth sequence in them, and fade between them using a slider and select different patterns in the timeline, and record pattern data to another copy of Sunvox using MIDI.

several things to note:
1. latency causes MIDI glitches. sometimes if your latency is too low then what you hear when you record will not quite match what you play back. you can quantize this or increase your latency.
2. Helps very much to have a 3rd app to send MIDI to start both copies at the same time.
3. diving into a metamodule while using 2 copies of Sunvox causes havoc with Jack sound server MIDI connections and disconnects them, but you can just put them back.
4. Sunvox .ini and setting files can be a real headache in linux. You can easily cause huge logical problems as to what copy you are actually editing because the ini files in sunvox store your metamodule edits. you can dive into a metamodule from one copy of sunvox and when you pop out it either crashes or you show up in the other copy of sunvox you are running. that's because they are sharing the same .ini and settings files!!! needless to say you loose your edits of that metamodule, if it does not outright die and crash. the solution is to run sunvox as 2 different users. this is hard because of permissions, so right now i am exploring how to give user /home/sunvox2/ the same permissions as my session here. since the user sunvox2 doesn't have console or hardware permissions, it won't even run in my session. the workaround is just to open sunvox as the root user with a separate config in /root/. it works perfectly, but i suspect that it is dangerous.

for all the work it takes to set up, it's worth it. The fastest way to set up jack is the UbuntuStudio distro. IM pretty sure that you can just do it from the livedisk. install libsdl2 and sunvox and be jammin without even an OS install.

Re: My #1 wish for SunVox: Record into existing pattern

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 8:46 am
by Keres
PS: my no.1 wish for sunvox was the 29xxyy command, i just didn't know it till i played with it ;p