Some features I'd like to see

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Lord Gogo
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Some features I'd like to see

Post by Lord Gogo » Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:03 pm

I have a few ideas for SunVox :

1. The auto-step is very cool, an auto-step for note off would be nice !
It would be useful to have also the value from 8 to 16. Very often I want to use 12. I use the double arrow, but it could help.

2. When you keep pressed Del or a number in the little keyboard, it would be cool it advance till you release it. (can be done via interpolation too)

3. The ability to select only the XXYY or Vel in the tracker window. Useful to remove swing setting for instance (I know I can do it via interpolation, but it would be quicker.) It would help to duplicate the XXYY when you already have notes programmed (can also be done via the interpolation)

4. The output module could act as a global mixer, showing in the left panel all it's inputs.

5. The ability to program PC (program change)

6. An access to sampler enveloppes

Thanks for reading !

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