Feature request: MetaModule information page (for descriptions, etc.)

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Feature request: MetaModule information page (for descriptions, etc.)

Post by jbw » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:58 pm

Small request here: A MetaModule information page, for a description of what custom instruments and effects do.

This would be useful for when sharing user created MetaModules, and like having a small instruction manual.

Could also just be used for the person creating, as a notepad.

Maybe it could be added as a button next to the other MetaModule buttons (Options, Load, Save, Edit, Controllers). Could have a "Notes" button that when taped a small note pad pops up, one that was saved with the MetaModule itself.

Or maybe you could just add a notepad below those buttons, one that was always on display in that section. I think this would be ideal, as it could potentially also describe what the MetaModule Controllers specifically did.

I just think this would be really useful for when creating MetaModules, especially if there were complex instructions needed for when sharing.

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Re: Feature request: MetaModule information page (for descriptions, etc.)

Post by hseiken » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:05 am

+1 for this, though it seems a 'Text/Notepad' module is planned which is just as good if not better solution. Leaving notes with the modules connecting as sort of a help file that points to what those notes are talking about would be much appreciated, so I hope this is how it ends up being implemented, though I'm sure NightRadio probably has more interesting ideas that work more flexibly than even this idea...hell, might even be neat to use text module as raw data feeding into modulation as well...lol sort of like loading a jpg, but loading a text file. I remember a long time ago, someone wrote a note about what their favorite things were and loaded it up as a single cycle wave in impulse tracker...things like that are fun, even if esoteric and not an especially useful feature for most people. :)
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