Impulse Response module

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Impulse Response module

Post by xaccrocheur » Wed May 31, 2017 4:41 am

I dream about an Impulse Response / convolution module into the Sunvox, so that we can use amp simulations, real-world reverbs and all kind of signal processing... That would truly be... I can't find the words.

It would be a plain and simple (well, to use, not to write/code) effect module, with a button to load the IR file (a wav or aiff audio file) and dry/wet controls. This "IR file" would then be contained in the project file, so this is completely in keeping with the Sunvox self-contained/multiplatform paradigm. With this, we would have the perfect storm, this is so much better that what the usual, boring "no plugins" ranters have in mind :D

Amp, microphones, cabinet and speaker simulations, proper disto/saturations, real world reverbs and well, anything, there would simply be no limit to the type of sounds we could get from our favorite DAW.

Online code examples : Klangfalter and LV2-IR.

What do you say? Is it at least reasonable to even dream about it?
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