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Play Notes Early

Post by SolarLune »

Hey, there.

I think it could be nice to have the ability to play a note earlier (maybe using the delay command?). For example, sometimes you want to play a note earlier in a pattern (by, say, a few lines) to match up the ending of a "strum" with the beat.
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Re: Play Notes Early

Post by El Nino »

I know exactly what you mean. I thought about this as well.

I wanted to trigger a note earlier to get a 'flam' or like you said a 'strum'.

It sounds really cool to pitch up one or more octaves quickly with this type of 'flam / strum'

In my opinion the way to do it is placing a note on the line above, then using the delay command 1D to delay the note triggering until the last tick of that line, with a note being triggered normally on the line after that...if the flam is going to be on the first line of a pattern its necessecary to place the first part of the flam on the last line of the previous pattern.

I think strums could also be made with:

40…5F - delay an event for selected fraction of the line (from 40 (0%) to 5F (100%)).

I wonder how the percentages work in that command, like what value is exactly 50%, 4F or 50?
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