Simple Sampler Loop Changes (inc. Crossfade)

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Simple Sampler Loop Changes (inc. Crossfade)

Post by Madrayken » Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:58 pm

I use a *lot* of looped samples in my tracks, and it's currently incredibly painful to get rid of clicks and pops by moving Loop Start and End.

As such, my top priorities are:

1) Live Crossfade - Gives users a slider for % of the sample to use as crossfade space, pushing back the Loop End if needed.
If that's too hard:
2) Crossfade Process - The same as 1) but as a destructive process, replacing the looped section of the sample with a crossfaded version. It's up to the user to crop it.
3) Deeper Zoom - At the moment it's incredibly hard to get rid of clicks by doing the old 'set markers at zero crossing'. I'm assuming that's because I can't get in 'deep' enough.
4) Zoom into Loop Start/End/Selection Start/End position - Because zoom position is always set at 'view center', trying to zoom into Loop Start/End is quite tedious. Shift-zoom could zoom you into the nearest 'Loop/Selection Start/End' point to the center of your view, and that would make sample editing sooooo much nicer.

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