Slider or dial in routing panel

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Slider or dial in routing panel

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Hi, after having worked with SunVox on IOS and Mac for over year, and loving every minute of it, the one thing that I keep wishing for is an interactive control in the routing window.

As a variation on MultiCtl, if you were able to have a slider or circular dial that you could manipulate in place this would add a much greater level of control to SunVox as a realtime modular synthesiser. At the moment, to change any value you have to click on a module then find the relevant property in the properties panel to manipulate it. If you could line up a series of InputCtls connected to the properties on different modules you can start to design your own synth or effect front panels. If you also allowed them to have inputs then you could use them to visualise control values as well.

I hope this is something you would consider and think it would make SunVox a little more accessible to newer users and power users alike.
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Re: Slider or dial in routing panel

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+1 This would be a great addition!
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