timeline &/or switch active panel keyboard shortcuts

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timeline &/or switch active panel keyboard shortcuts

Post by dma » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:28 am

Hello and massive thanks again for Sunvox.

I would really like to be able to navigate in the timeline section using keyboard shortcuts on PC,
like what is possible on the modules section.

If "ALT" key could be used, it could be:

ALT+RIGHT : reach next pattern horizontally
ALT+LEFT : reach previous pattern horizontally
ALT+DOWN : reach next pattern vertically
ALT+UP : reach previous pattern vertically
ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT : move pattern horizontally to the right
ALT+SHIFT+LEFT : move pattern horizontally to the left
ALT+SHIFT+DOWN : move pattern vertically down
ALT+SHIFT+UP : move pattern vertically up

Also being able to pop-up and navigate in the contextual (right mouse click) menu using keyboard would be very welcome as well.


But maybe (along the previous request or alternatively to it and to several existing shortcuts),
a shortcut to switch between pattern/modules/module parameters/timeline panels, could be a way to handle those from PC keyboard?

It would then require sets of panel relative keyboard commands, to edit things on each of those from the keyboard.

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