play sampler modules as drum pads mode

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play sampler modules as drum pads mode

Post by El Nino » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:41 pm

I came up with an idea for a sunvox feature the other day whilst playing around with many sampler modules.

The idea was that there could be an option to toggle on/off a mode in the modules window menu which would allow for the sampler modules themselves to be pressed to trigger a sample..(if this mode was toggled on it would not be possible to reposition the modules by dragging them around, that is, they would be locked in place, to stop them moving mid-drumming).

It would be similar to the 16 drum pad setups (such as MPC etc.) but with the added bonus that the sunvox user could position the pads in any arrangement they would like prior to toggling the "sampler modules as drum pads" mode on.

This mode would allow for, not only another way to perform live within sunvox (other than keyboard and theremin) but also another way to create a kind of multisampled instrument (set of drumpads instrument). The sunvox user could use different effect chains per drum pad (sampler module in drum pad mode).

the android operating system in general still has the latency problem but i think being able to audition samples in this way would still be useful.
on ipad this could be a cool live instrument to play live.

hope that makes sense.

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