Grab and move module chains as units.

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Grab and move module chains as units.

Post by Saltbearer » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:04 am

Awkward example here, but something along these lines:

• Hold adjacent modules Analog Generator and then Amplifier to move forward-connected modules Analog Generator, Amplifier, Compressor, EQ, Sound2Ctl, probably not Output?

• Hold adjacent modules Compressor and then Amplifier to move backward-connected modules Compressor, Amplifier, Sound2Ctl, EQ, Reverb, Flanger, and Analog Generator

• Hold non-adjacent modules Analog Generator and then Compressor to move forward-connected Analog Generator and Compressor and intermediate Reverb, Flanger, Sound2Ctl, and Amplifier

• Hold non-adjacent modules Amplifier and then Reverb to move backward-connected Amplifier and Reverb and intermediate Sound2Ctl, EQ, and Compressor

• If two selected modules aren't connected by a one-way path, or are connected by equal length forward and backward paths, the shortest path/s between them will be moved.

Dis/connecting a module would still be possible by tapping, rather than holding, the second module, or by dragging to it from empty space.

You normal people with your fancy keyboards: Hold one key or another and click and drag stuff I guess :V

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