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SunVox Pool Learn, Share, Inspire

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Hello SunVox Community,

Time for an experiment. I have an exiting idea! I feel the desire to have a 'public shared' sunvox play/learning/fun pool folder. The whole idea is that anyone can dump any file related to music/art for others to learn from or just for fun. Anyone can edit, don't be mad if your file is changed. The goal is to learn, get inspired and have fun. At the end of every month, everything will be deleted to start the month fresh, with a peaceful mind. (you can keep of course any useful file)
Imagine yourself to look in the pool and find someone's project in mid-stage, reading a music philosophy inside a txt file, discovering a fun sunsynth or seeing a beautiful painting which, for example, you then decide to load in the sampler to make that sickkk basss sound!!!! :Yahoo!:
If this sounds good to you, follow the steps below and jump in the SunVox Pool!

I have chosen to use MEGAsync because this sync service works really well with macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, ios. the link:!c4BDACZZ!imPH98SJ8b4xTLGhcdfIzQ

1. mail me and I will add you to the shared folder so you can write and edit. ( )
2. create a MEGA account to be able to use the MEGAsync client on your device.
3. Install the client, log in and click 'selective sync'. then choose the shared folder.

I have to manually add your mail so try later if it not works. If it keeps not working mail me, I am learning too ;).

If all is set up you won't have to bother about it, everything will work automatically, you can now open, edit and save any file :).

- Every file inside the shared folder will be deleted at the end of the month to keep the pool clean.
- You may add your nickname in the file name and use the NR format: '<nickname> <filename>.file'
- Don't delete files but you may change/add something new to it or just listen to it.
- Have fun, Learn, Inspire!
- It's ok to you if someone steals a brilliant idea from you/transforms your file into a different song.

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