MultiSynth: "Generate missed Note OFF cmds" (new option)

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MultiSynth: "Generate missed Note OFF cmds" (new option)

Post by NightRadio »

Please don't use this option! :)
You will not need it in most cases. But just in case, below I will describe how it works.

Look at the attached project.
01.MultiSynth is the main input.
02.MutliSynth2 and 03.MultiSynth3 split the incoming notes into two parts (using the Velocity Curve):
* note D5 (and below) will be sent to 04.Analog Generator;
* note E5 (and above) will be sent to 05.SpectraVoice.
"Ignore notes with zero velocity" option is enabled for 02 and 03.

This works fine until we put the incoming notes on the same track. (see the screenshot)
There is no "Note Off" command between two notes on the same track.
So the first note D5 will be sent to 04.Analog Generator and hang forever :(
This is why we need the "Generate missed Note OFF cmds" option. Just enable it for 01.MultiSynth.
Don't activate it in other MultiSynths, because it will produce a bunch of unnecessary "Note Off" commands!
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Re: MultiSynth: "Generate missed Note OFF cmds" (new option)

Post by queries »

Thanks for this explainer. I noticed someone else already has been making use of this option to good effect for a microtuning module. I've run into the "stuck note" issue in the past with the scale quantizers I've built, so I'm looking forward to trying out this option to see if it helps.
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