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Nosidel Montesino
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Sunvox pianoroll

Post by Nosidel Montesino » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:23 pm

I'm a Android user and i really like sunvox, but the pianoroll it's to complicated to work with, I wish it was "normal" and simple to work with, like most pianorolls in any other program, like Caustic 3 mobile for example, I would love to produce Hip Hop, RnB Trap, Reggaeton, dancehall or ect.. in this app and at the same time promote it in my YouTube channel to other hip hop producer, basically promote in my channel to other hip hop producer the sound and quality of music that can be done or created in the mobile version of this app like I do with Caustic 3, but working on the pianoroll of sunvox it's just too complicated for me to work with like for example making melodys, chords, getting the notes to right length, setting the volume of each keys, making different steps like triplets ect.. basically editing in the piano it's all complicated and that's not counting how the pianoroll move up and down instead left to right, I know I'm just one person but I'm sure most mobile Hip Hop producer would agree with me, that if sunvox would have a "normal" pianoroll, sunvox would've been more recognize in the hip hop producer community and it would've been promoted every day in YouTube like Caustic 3 mobile, flstudio mobile ect..I know I would be really active mostly every day like I am with Caustic 3 in my channel... Anyway I'm just saying that if sunvox mobile would've have a better pianoroll to work with, you would've have all the hip hop producers community behind and really supporting this app like I want to do, it just my opinion...

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Re: Sunvox pianoroll

Post by hseiken » Mon Nov 25, 2019 9:35 am

Tracker view is not piano roll. Piano roll is horizontal, tracker is vertical. If caustic suits you better, then by all means use what you find more comfortable. I use both sunvox and caustic. I would recommend that if you're finding sunvox too difficult to use on mobile device then consider a laptop or raspberri pi. Touch screens in general are terrible interface, no matter what you are doing. Physical buttons, mouse, and even midi controllers will always be better. Touch screen is for children and old people, that's what they were designed for. For serious music work, consider using different interface.
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Re: Sunvox pianoroll

Post by Keres » Sat Nov 30, 2019 10:00 pm

trackers are traditionally meant to be used with a typing keyboard. Believe it or not, there are people in this world like me who think that piano roll is too complicated and that tracker columns with commands are so simple. When i was getting into music, MIDI instruments were too expensive. I did, however get an amiga500 via a school discount. i hung out with other amigans and they introduced me to Octamed. by the time i graduated, i had made several albums worth of hip-hop tracks and even spent some time producing them in real studios using that same A500. trackers are just a different concept that caught on with people from outside the complicated, expensive, and over-rated professional MIDI world.

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Re: Sunvox pianoroll

Post by theorize » Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:30 pm

It's funny, I tried getting into using caustic and found it's piano roll very cumbersome to use, that is the reason i couldnt get into it. That and the fact that it's synths generally sound mediocre to me, kind of bland.

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