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Recording VSTi with virtual audio cables

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2018 1:15 pm
by theorize
So I have built up a pretty decent collection of VSTi synths and FX over the years, after a frustrating venture with hardware over the past couple years, I'm back on the software kick (lol). Over the past 6 months I've actually found some VSTi that I really really like. But I can't seem to find a host that I like (stable, good workflow, blah blah) and I keep wanting to go back to trackers but have a really hard time divorcing my VST's, and yes I tried renoise but for some reason I just can't love it, maybe one day when I get a new PC that's not like 15 years old. That's not happening soon though. Anyway when 8bit bubsy came out with his FT2 clone I was instantly excited because the whole reason I even bought the first bit of hardware in the first place was to sample into FT2, until I realized getting a decent soundcard to use for sampling was not going to happen. So after making sure the clone worked in my PC the first thing I did was figure out how to sample my VST through using VB cable and VB Hi-Fi cable (at the time I was using the standalone versions of my synths and some needed ASIO), then I started using minihost modular to use FX and such. It's pretty good for this, honestly... a nice little sound design sandbox. Then I started thinking, "if only this clone had a reverb, maybe a filter..." then it hit me, I can probably do the same thing with SunVox!!! So here I am. I'm still working on the whole process especially since adding the whole minihost modular thing which actually makes a pretty cool pattern based vst host I've been playing around with doing some sequencing in it. Just starting to figure that out even though it has been staring me in the face for months.

Just wondering if anyone here is using SunVox in this kind of way? if so any tips? because it still isn't flawless for me especially since the whole virtual cable thing does it in some kind of hackish way I get some samplerate issues between programs that I'm still trying to work out. like some programs only recognize certain input/output setups kind of thing, I'm really just trying to skip the whole audio editor portion of export edit import sample build instrument, I'd really like to just dial in and sample rinse and repeat.