MIDI Multitimbrality

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Re: MIDI Multitimbrality

Post by vichug » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:12 pm

i would suppose the way to best comply with current behaviour (ie, highlighted module gets all the midi input) would be to add another module, a midi router, as suggested by ForestCat. It could be connected to several modules, and you could chose which MIDI channel of data goes to which connected module in hte same fashion as with the compressor module for the sidechain input. But for this t work correclty, it would be needed to add more options in the midi input preferences dialog : ability to chose input from all channels (not just 1), which would then be melted together for any classic module, and could be separated by this new midi router. It would be cool if you could control this midi router by pgm change messages indeed.

I'll add that this would be well welcome :) i tend to use and try several workflow between softwares, and this would allow us to use any sequencer external to SunVox, this would be cool ! also thanks editech for the tip of using several sunvox instances, it's probably a good workaround since SunVox is particularly lightweight, on mac you can use the command line to open several instances of any application ; for example :

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open -n /Applications/sunvox/sunvox/osx/SunVox.app
(replace /Applications/sunvox/sunvox/osx/SunVox.app with the path to your actual SunVox application)

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Re: MIDI Multitimbrality

Post by eMicBra » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:41 am

How about just adding midi input device and channel parameters to the multisynth module. That would cover just about any scenario I can think of.

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