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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by Madrayken » Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:34 am

GameGlomp wrote:NightRadio you should make a Patreon account affiliated with SunVox development. Basically, on Patreon, people pledge a certain amount of money whenever a "creator" releases something. Maybe this is a way where people could voluntarily support you every time you release something on the to-do list or something like that?

Just an idea. Whatever increases the chances of me being able to someday link my MIDI controller to SunVox knobs ;) mwuahaha
Totally agree. Take my money already!

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by queries » Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:38 am

You can set up a one-time or recurring payment on PayPal to send money to -- that's how I make an automatic monthly contribution to SunVox.

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by hseiken » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:11 am

I thought I would take time out to review 'in the pipeline' additional features for the Sunvox release coming whenever it comes. Instead of blindly supporting every feature that is suggested, I thought it would be fun to take a quirky, snarky look at the actual gains for such features being proposed and maybe give other users something to think about instead of just asking for things that they can already accomplish or maybe stop asking for things that literally only them doing one live show at a certain venue would require the one thing they're excited about...i.e. does it benefit sunvox community, or just you? Is it something that comes up often with users, or are you just a weirdo? Trust me, I've been that weirdo! Plenty of times! however, after living life a little longer, seen feature requests break other features, or simply double up on things that were already in place, I realized one thing: Design matters. Cutting off points for updates is important. Learning the tool is important. Pushing the tool first before asking for new features that make you lazy is important. So here is a 'review' of the TO DO list as it currently appears. I don't know how accurate this list still is, 1.9.4 was announced over a year ago, things have changed, Alex has understandably taken a bit of time off from Sunvox to try out some other ideas because, let's face it, it's boring as shit to do the same thing all the time. I think we all know that point where even working on a song, we go, "Man, this is boring, making house all the time!" then get off the computer and go jogging or something. Or even just open up a new project and say, "IM GONNA MAKE SOME GABBER!!!!" and fill up the screen with distortion effects and kickers. ;p

So without further ado, here's a rundown no one asked for and no one will want to read because I do take a cynical approach to this list. By no means is this a criticism of Alex's concerns, it's his program, we are simply visitors allowed to participate in using what he built to satisify his own needs and graciously extended an invitation to take feature requests. Likely a lot of these originate from such requests and not from Alex which is why I don't have any qualms with being a little sarcastic in talking about them. So with that warning and disclaimer out of the way, here it is: The TO DO LIST REVIEW.

Envelopes for any controllers (Envelope Generator).
This would be nice, but not necessary. You can create this by using a sampler with flat line combined with soundToCtrl. Works fine, I've done it. Doing this as a single device would be convenient and time saver, though. But doesn't especially add any new features. If anything it could work just fine combining it with the LFO effect, but I'll mention that when we get to that part of the TODO list. ;)

External Pixilang plugins support.
This might be cool, but I think the ability to use Pixilang to generate sound within via a mini coding text entry would be better. I'm not even sure what you'd use the plugins for and overall, plugins add ability for crashes to happen. Not exactly excited for this. I'd rather be making music than playing Tic Tac Toe in Sunvox. Pixilang accepts sunvox files so technically I'd say for visualization, we already have this functionality. If Pixilang gets support in Sunvox, why not just make Sunvox Pixilang, or Pixilang is now Sunvoxlang? This could easily get messy and it's certainly interesting to think of the possibilities, but do any of them lead to greater flexibility in making music or simply add 'flare' to the files when someone loads them up? In which case, why not just write a Pixilang player like everyone else, ya lazy bum!

Adding samples directly into timeline.
This would be useful for higher end machines and using sunvox as a full on mixer with vocals, guitars and such. I'm okay with this feature, but it's use outside of a laptop or desktop is questionable. Maybe a feature to only have on the windows/linux/mac versions. I personally would find this useful, but at no point have I considered this to be a mega necessary feature. However, I'm old, stupid and lame, so what do I know?

Empty module with text comments / small box for comments and greets with fixed width font.
I think this would be rather useful way of including help for usage of downloaded metamodules and strengthen their usefulness overall with built in help. And it doesn't change much by way of operation and it's definitely something that cannot be done now. +1 On top of that, for those that want to make their music tell a story, it's also a great way to include a blog inside of your song, one chapter at a time...release it on tumblr and become instagram facebookfamous. Lulz. Seriously though, comments are great to put in open source music for a variety of reasons, even if it's just to talk mess about people listening to the song. :p

Karplus-Strong generator.
Trying to build my own and listening to other people's attempts to build one, this is a feature I think would be great and add to the sonic landscape in a real way. +1 Of this entire list, this is the only one that's noteworthy in a realistic way.

WiFi import/export samples in bulk (on iPhone/iPad).
I don't use iAnything. My opinion doesn't matter here. But seriously, why do you pay Apple to use a device for definitive lifespan of which they dictate how long it is? I still don't understand how they or Microsoft have duped people into thinking they're 'good' companies and make 'good' product. Then again, we still have mostly gas-powered vehicles on the roads...people are dumb.

I didn't know it didn't run on this OS already. That means In the future, I can sunvox on PS4. Awesome!

Saveable pattern data.
I don't understand what this means. Separating patterns out so you can load up the same notes into another session? Export into a spreadsheet and run statistical analysis on how many times I use Middle C?

Additional waveforms for Mod and Car in FM.
I like this idea, but I would say it might be better implemented by turning the regular generator that already has FM inputs into an FM'able set. I.E. make the basic Generators have option to behave like the FM synth so we can make our own routings and 8OP FM if we want. It already has multiple Oscillator options and the inputs for such a thing to occur, but it's rather weak in implementation. If the Generator's FM possibilities were tied to notes rather than audio, you could even chuck out the FM synth altogether. Just a thought. Of the Synths in sunvox now, FM is probably the most underwhelming in terms of lost potential...but I'm also an FM ninja...16OP doesn't scare me and 2Op is like ninja stars, I can kill you from the shadows with em.

Dropbox support.
Lazy feature for lazy people. Bleh. It also ignores that there's 30 other cloud storage/file sharing options. How about FTP support to? Oh wait, that has nothing to do with making why is it in here? :p You want to know a better feature? Battle Royale Music Mode. :p

Eyedropper for pattern editor. Visual or/and by pressing some key.
Ummm...what? My pattern editor's eyes aren't bloodshot. If Copy/Paste is too hard for some people, maybe a computer isn't for you...might I interest you in a hardware groove box with built in patterns?

Vertical timeline.
I suppose this would be okay in some regards, but hardly a feature I feel anyone is really missing. Maybe one or two people have hard time switching between tracker view and sequencer view orientations, but personally, I never got along with Buzz's vertical sequencer. But hey, if it doesn't break anything and is just an option, fine. But what we really need is a diagonal timeline. Cause sometimes you'll be working on a track, but you're on the side of a hill...

Arpeggiator in MultiSynth.
This is already buildable and probably will be far more flexible than built in do-fer. Just a hunch, though...maybe the features that would be in this could be layered into the metamodule. Most problems have already been solved with the metamodule, to be completely honest...

Per-pattern WAV export.
I got a better idea: render selection. ;) Same thing, more control, eco friendly, sustainable, organic and fat free.

Multichannel (more than 2) output.
Yeah, because an underpowered handheld device is going to be super capable of handling this...:p This is another one I would say better fits on the desktop builds. Also, I don't think people in the professional industries are using Sunvox to create the soundmix for their movies. I might be wrong, maybe that's what Bollywood has been hoping for; THX support in Sunvox...

Rewire support.
Rewire is bad. Also, if you're using Rewire, you must have a super duper PC...which cost you a lot of money...why not get two half okay pc's and use real audio cables and not rely on proprietary half-assed dogcrap like Rewire which was only made as a way for Propellerheads to shun VST support which they finally ended up bowing to anyway? It was literally made so they could justify making more money on Reason rather than just do the thing everyone asked them repeatedly for and they did it in a way so that they'd have as effort put forth as possible...besides, Jack already solved this problem. Maybe we should bug the Jack team to stop making their better interface such a PITA to set up.

More editing options for the pattern editor: piano-roll; pixitracker.
While I personally don't think it's necessary, I do know that the potential audience for users would grow exponentially and if that's the goal, then go right ahead. Sometimes piano roll is easier, sometimes tracker is easier. AeroStudio was able to have both and it was nice switching between the two when the need arose. I'm fine with this. I think training wheels can work to teach people how to ride a bike and I don't hate on parents that give them to their kids and won't hate on it here.

Detach current selected pattern from parent (if child).
Copy/paste can't do this? Editing the machine in the pattern can't do this?

Custom waveforms in LFO module.
Might be cool. But then you wouldn't need an envelope generator, especially if you can have LFO do a one cycle only and give it far greater range of speed. However, if you do this, you need to really have an 'output' of the LFO instead of using sndToCrl all over the place with the output aspect of LFO. I would probably be friendlier to the CPU anyway and make sndToCTRL be used more uniquely instead of just always sticking it with LFOs like it's a two part series or something and since you saw part 1, you HAVE to know how it ends. It could be one movie.

Splice patterns together.
This wasn't already in there? I guess it shows how much I've needed this feature, but welding patterns together is definitely useful and saves 1 minute or so from just copy/pasting one pattern into another one that you lengthen out.

Bluetooth keyboard support for iOS.
I don't use iOS, so I have no comment. I'm sure apple will find some way to break this feature as soon as you put it in then blame you for it and tell it's users that Alex sucks and they don't.

Highlight individual columns in the pattern, for example, just the note column, volume column, module number column.
In renoise, I find track/column/pattern operation menus to be quite useful so if it comes with this as part of this feature, this would definitely be a time saver. Otherwise, you can copy exactly what you want with same selection; i.e. select as it is now, then add menu options: copy/paste Notes/machine/octave/controller/effect/paramater/C.E.P. together/N.M.O. together. No rewriting of heavy interface needed, does same thing, smells like a new car.

MIDI sync.
yeah this should probably be in here. and yesterday. Did I mention ReWire sucks yet?

"All notes" option for Remap dialog.
Never used Remapping, so I have not a single snarky thing to say.

VST / LADSPA versions of the SunVox.
Do this instead of Rewire. Leave rewire to rot, it's terrible.

Reverse sample playback.
Very yes. And stick it as 'B' in the effect for easy memorization while you're at it...

Formula generator/filter.
BITROCKIN! Could be fun. It's in caustic, but I rarely use it. However, it's awesome as an idea generator.

OGG Vorbis export.
MP3 is no longer copyrighted. Add MP3 import/export as well since you don't have to pay royalties for it anymore. Isn't it possible to just copy/paste the decoder routine, too? It's to no work.

Onscreen drum pad style triggers in addition to the musical keyboard.
Isn't there a way to make a multisynth behave this way with the theremin? Either way, I think this would be a fun addition to dork around with stuff. If you've never seen the KONG drum machine in Reason, I think it's got a lot of good ideas you should...erm...borrow (STEAL!).

Move patterns during playback.
This seems easier said than done, from a programmer's perspective...good luck! It will be nice, but I've not said to myself "GODDAMMIT, I JUST WANT TO MOVE THIS PATTERN OVER WHILE THE SONG IS PLAYING! DAMN ALEX, YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!" :p Actually I have, but it was a different Alex I was referring to.

Live mode.
Um, you can make a lot of specilized controllers that make a custom live mode already. What does this mean? It'll read my mind and I just think about what I want to do and it will do it? Hell, I made song crossfaders inside of one song, mute/unmute stuff...if nothing else, I would suggest adding toggle buttons to your interface fullstop, especially for values that are everywhere in Sunvox that have only 1 and 0 values. This would solve a lot of live-needs all around. And if you're feeling a little horny, include Dial/Knob option in place of sliders to save screen real estate as well. It's not a deal breaker, but some people just love twiddling their electronic nipples.

Autosave (?).
Last I checked, autosave already is working. Am I wrong?

Network MIDI protocol (RTP MIDI?).
Nerd shit.

Save groups of synths together in a bunch.
....metamodule....? Maybe you meant SELECT MORE THAN ONE SYNTH AT A TIME. Which would be more useful in many ways.

Beat slicer: playing the sound from different equally spaced offsets using different notes.
I built this, other people built this...and funnily enough we've done it so you can have arbitrary start positions as well...another case of lazy feature for people who don't have the time or patience to do a quick search of forums (like me sometimes!) to get this feature....

Play samples from disk directly.
This probably goes hand in hand with the load audio files directly to sequencer, I imagine. Especially for 10 minute long slamming singing solos. :)

SoundFont support.

And more ...
Like a secret key combination that turns sunvox into a masturbation tool able to get you off really quick so you can get back to making music! :p

And there you go. Did I mention Rewire sucks?
WARNINGThis angry old nerd may rant about modern computers or computer culture! It is not directed at you 99% of the time! Ignore it if it seems silly or personal!

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by samrai katt kovboy » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:57 pm

Voting for envelope generator as in the Sampler!
Like mentioned in the post above it is possible with the Sound to controller from the sampler module but it would be so convenient to have a specific module instead...
But guess it will come soon as it is highest on the To DO list!

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by manganoid » Mon May 20, 2019 5:29 pm

Yeah, I would love to see more complex FM module (with the different Carrier / Modulator waveforms and chaining algorythms) :)

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by manganoid » Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:31 am


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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by theorize » Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:32 am

I would actually use that

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by Keres » Sun Nov 17, 2019 12:45 am

yeah, i agree with hseiken

turning sunvox into something it is not would be aggrivating. thing about the crash rate of this app compared to other trackers and software synths you have used in the past. the main feature of sunvox is stability. i can actually go out and perform tracks off of a cheap phone and it never crashes. if i needed multiple outs in sunvox, i could just open multiple copies as effects processors for Ardor. if i needed specific envelopes, i could just draw one with the sample editor or the "dirty" wave form. most things are already possible in sunvox, you just have to build it and save it as .sunsynth. I often complain about the lack of method to trigger notes with controller signals, but lets face it... it could turn sunvox into a crashbox. stability is the main feature of sunvox and i hope it stays that way.

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Re: SunVox To-Do List

Post by theorize » Sun Nov 24, 2019 12:56 pm

I agree, I have a lot of great VSTi's but stability issues is what made me come to trackers in the first place, i wouldn't want anything to change that.

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