can't open File managing windows

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can't open File managing windows

Post by lowtechism »

Hello from Tokyo, Japan. Thank you for nice tracker softwares. I love them very much.
Today I introduced Pixitracker to my students but one of them could not open the "File save/load" window nor "load/save" window in the sound editor. When that button is pressed, the window is opened and instantly closed like a flash. The machine is Macbook Pro 2013, the latest OSX Yosemite.
Restarted the machine or re-installed Pixitracker or deleted PreferencePane, they didn't help.
Do you have any idea or solutions? Any suggestions are welcome.
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Re: can't open File managing windows

Post by NightRadio »

Sorry for this bug... :(
Please tell me
1) Is this bug reproducable on some other computers?
2) After the flash can you press the Load/Save button again?
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