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Hi nightradio,

I'm loving playing around with pixivisor, trying to find possibilities to incorporate it on live performances, and experimenting with it.

But there's only one thing that I would love to be able to do with pixivisor, so I wouldn't have to so often try to hide the pixivisor transmission sound (I would like to embrace it, put it on the middle of songs, let the ambient noise and the music interfere with it!), and I'm sorry if I'm being ignorant of the way it transmits, but would it be possible to have the transmission in different pitches? It is so often a very, let's say, "on your face", F5 sound, as far as I can tell, and it often draws to much attention to it (it has a very non musical quality to it, and while I like 'nom musical' sounds and glitchy noises, it's pitch is too much pronounced). I would love if it was a few octaves higher (I guess pitch shifting it lower would not be possible, since the frequency of information would be lower also?). I pitch shifted it to F8 the other day to see how it would sound and it becomes a lot more like a sharp metallic noise that would be much easier to incorporate with music. Or maybe it you could have the option to change which note it transmits to, so it is at least in tune, but I'm guessing this would be harder to implement.

Well, since I don't know much about how the information is transmitted, it may not be possible, and if that is the case, it is a great piece of software still! My sincere thanks man, your work is awesome.
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Re: Pitch

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Please try to change the video format (width of the image). The smaller the width, the higher the pitch of the sound :)
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