More Feature Requests

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More Feature Requests

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Sorry, but i've had a few more ideas....

Image/video juggling: Maybe instead of having a large image and a few thumbnails, what if there was a mode where all the images/videos where thumb nailed and scrollable for quick switching for more variations whilst performing.

Ability to save a global settings or have settings saved for each image/video slot.

Disable auto screen locking.

Another big idea...what if each image/video and the settings were triggerable via midi, with each image/ video auto assigned to a midi channel and CC starting at ch1cc1 to ch16cc127-x based on their name or have each slot be configurable. Where x is the number of transmitter settings. A similar thing could be done for the receiver for the palette and settings. this would then open up the door for being able to get stuff in sync with a DAW!!! especially with some added commands like video like retrigger, start & end markers and a playback rate :)

Audiobus support for the output :Yahoo!:

The ftp is a bit slow for loading tonnes of files, but this is the domain of iFunBox so maybe u could make reference to that for other folks?

A few more settings for the receiver would be nice such as faders for Interp, rotation, zoom, stretch/squash (especially for fitting external displays), and some sort of sensitivity & noise floor levels,...but i;m sure u've thought of all these things and just havent had the time to do them yet :D

Thanks again for the awesome app, and as u might have guessed i've very excited about your creation!!!

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