waveshaper should be 32bit [FIXED in 2.0]

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waveshaper should be 32bit [FIXED in 2.0]

Post by AutumnCheney »

as seen in the included project, if i take a very quiet sine wave and send it through a waveshaper with the default linear curve and then amplify it, there is lots of noise, as if the bit depth is being reduced. i get similar results if i send it through a distortion module set to 15 bits. the noise goes away once i bypass the waveshaper

this can be problematic if, say, i send my master signal through a waveshaper for saturation, because then my signal dynamic range is reduced and i get digital noise during the quiet parts of my song
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Re: waveshaper should be 32bit

Post by NightRadio »

You are right. Internal processing is in 16-bit integer mode in this module. Will be changed to 32-bit floating point in SunVox 2.0
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