OSX: Window contents not displayed from 1.9.5

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OSX: Window contents not displayed from 1.9.5

Post by kelzebub »

Hello. Long-time lurker here.

When I open SunVox, the main window shows, but the display doesn't initialise. Instead, I am just left with a grey box.
But clicking certain spots reveals that it's working, I can hear the sound output.
This is occurring for me with freshly downloaded versions with no existing configuration.
Trying a few versions from the archive, I found that it works fine on all pervious versions, but exhibits the broken behaviour on 1.9.5d and the most recent version, 1.9.6c.

I couldn't find any mention of this in the forums, so maybe it's just my hardware/software combination.
Nothing strange in the terminal output. Happy to provide logs/testing if I know where to look.
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Re: OSX: Window contents not displayed from 1.9.5

Post by NightRadio »

Sorry for this bug... Seems something was changed in 10.14 since the last time I worked in it...
(i'm now on Big Sur)
Please try to resize the window after starting the app.
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