Input module broken

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Input module broken

Post by samrai katt kovboy » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:32 pm

The input module is broken on my two PC's running Windows 8.0 and Windows 7.
This being SunVox Beta 1.7.5
Also noticed on Windows 8.0 that the CPU spikes for some reason sometimes and it can have something to with the Pitch module as I managed to observe that it was running for no reason one of the times when I was checking the CPU and the Modules. In either case it overloads and gives of the lovely noise that CPU overload normally lets out...
This on the same track over the last week and without adding more modules over the week. So do not know if it happens on other songs as well...

But love the new version and functions!
(As I have done with every upgrade.)

Hope you find the bugs!

Easy times.

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