sv: Fineslide stops sound [FIXED in v1.7.3]

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sv: Fineslide stops sound [FIXED in v1.7.3]

Post by gilzad » Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:06 am


the Fineslide pattern-effect mutes/stops the sound of a generator (sampler, too). Here is a file to demonstrate the bug. It also shows that all other pitch-related FX (porta up/dn, porta-to-note, vibrato) are fine.
While the first Fineslide-up command (11 0001) might not always cause the muting, the second Fineslide-down command (12 0001) will always do.
This bug appeared in 1.7.3b1. I noticed it after playing a song which was created with 1.7.2.

In case this info is relevant:
My sunvox_config sets a buffer size of 8 at a samplerate of 44k1. The behaviour is the same if I choose alsa or sdl. I'm running Sunvox on linux, amd64.

As always, I'm there if you should need more info.

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Re: sv: Fineslide stops sound

Post by NightRadio » Sun Feb 24, 2013 11:10 am

Thanks again :)
This will be fixed in the next BETA 2

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