AHDSR Envelope v1.1

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AHDSR Envelope v1.1

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I present to you: AHDSR Envelope v1.1
This version is almost a complete overhaul of the previous one (here). However, setting it up is identical.

- Fixes -
1. The envelope will have different results depending on when it is released.
Releasing on Attack won't trigger HDSR. Instead, it has its own Release on Attack that acts as an acceleration for Decay (determined by Hold).
Releasing on Hold won't trigger DS, and will combine RoA and R signals together.
Releasing on Decay won't trigger S, and will go straight to R.
Releasing on Sustain will trigger R, completing the whole envelope.

2. Maximum Attack time is now 10000ms instead of 4000ms (thanks Logickin!).

3. The Decay and Release envelopes are now separate instead of shared.
Please note that the while you can set the curve degree for RoA, it shares the same curve ratio as Attack.

4. It is now possible to choose the curve degree for the envelope at A, D and R.
Fun fact: Linear curve is basically Curve Degree 1, Ratio set at 16384 (4000h)

- Limitation -
Internal modulation is still not possible.

- Help -
"Curve Degree" determines which degree of exponential curve is chosen (exp1 or exp2, and likewise for their negative counterparts). Toggle it on for Curve Degree 2 (exp2), toggle it off for Curve Degree 1 (exp1).
"Curve Ratio" determines the ratio of positive to negative curve. The higher the value set, the more positive curve it will have).
The Sine Curve Degree controllers will take precedence over the "1 / 2" controllers. That means that by enabling Sine in any phase (A / RoA / D / R), toggling "1 / 2" in the same phase will have no effect.

Have fun! :good:
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