SawZer Exciter

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SawZer Exciter

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Yes, this module is different compared to gilzad's version.
It has the same concept; Split the sound into multiple bands, then distort each of those bands independently. That's where the similarities end.

The band split is achieved through my inversion method, as seen in my EQ modules:

In addition, the band frequencies are now fully customizable.

There are 2 versions, Smooth and Xtra Crispy. The Smooth version applies post-filtering to the distorted bands. Unfortunately this means the frequency customization parameters use 32,768 instead of 22,000, and the sound's spectrum is altered even on Default. Xtra Crispy does NOT have post-filtering.

Frequency Crossovers (Hz): These let you define the scope of each band.
Band Boost: Applies distortion to the selected band.
Band Volume: Raise/Lower volume of selected band.
SawZer Exciter Xtra Crispy.sunsynth
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