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minipops 7 clone

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:10 am
by AutumnCheney

after a lot of work and time, i bring you: sunpops 7! it's a (mostly) fully functional clone of the minipops 7, famously used by jean michel jarre in oxygene

the way it worked was you could push in buttons and it would play back various drum patterns. you could push in multiple buttons and you could get interesting rhythm combinations

here, the buttons are notes, with the leftmost button being C0 and the last button being A0 before cycling around again. simply push in a note to get a pattern. you can push multiple notes to layer different patterns. you can also flip the "rhythm section switch" controller to access the other set of patterns

the patterns are as follows:

C0: waltz/jazz waltz
c0: samba/conga
D0: mambo/cha-cha
d0: rumba/beguine
E0: tango/habanera
F0: bossanova/slow rock
f0: rock 1/rock 2
G0: rock 3/rock 4
g0: march 2/4/march 6/8
A0: swing/latin swing

i did a lot of research and tried to replicate the original machine's behavior, and i'd say everything mostly works well except for layering the waltz with the other patterns. but, that's relatively minor.

there are controls for fading in the quiro, tambourine, and quijada instruments. the "volume" controller controls the overall volume, and the "balance" controller controls the volume of the cymbals. there is also a master tempo slider, which goes from 32 - 256 bpm

use this for recreating those classic 70's synth rhythms. this also works well as a quick way to get nice foley loops. the special thing about this is that while the original synth was basically a black box, this metamodule allows you to go inside and modify the sequences and instruments.

as always, it's licensed under the mit license. you don't have to credit me if you're just using it in a song

i hope you enjoy it!

Re: minipops 7 clone

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:14 am
by AutumnCheney
i updated the module!

i fixed a small issue with the velocity2ctls