simple slicer

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simple slicer

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here's a small loop slicer based on pavel ti's video:

this is an extended version of what was made in that video, with randomization and sample offset. use the "first note" and "slices" controllers to specify the first note and the number of slices. the "slice randomize" offsets the slice by a random amount, while the "slice offset" is a fixed offset. "slice quantize" quantizes the offsets produced by the randomize and offset controllers; this should generally be one above the number of slices. lastly, "transpose" simply transposes the output

this is a midi-based slicer, so put this before your sample or loop to use it. use this for everything from hip-hop to jungle and in between!

as always, it's licensed under the mit license. you don't have to credit me if you're just using it in a song

i hope you enjoy it!
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