4 Track Live Rig V1

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4 Track Live Rig V1

Post by hseiken » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:15 am

I'm posting this here as I imagine one or two of you are familiar with the need to not get so in depth with live sequencing so much as live 'manipulation' that's rather simple so the groove doesn't get disturbed.

There are 4 amps marked TRACK 1 IN, TRACK 2 IN, etc. on the top left. However you want to use these to arrange the parts of your song is up to you, but they are essentially quickly mutable tracks via keyboard along with some tempo-locked effects that can also be applied via keyboard.

Merge with your own song or create a song within it as a base project, connect your parts to the 4 track inputs and split your screen to have patterns you wish to jump between on the sequencer laid out along the bottom of your work space so you can queue up music pattern changes and use the keyboard to dynamically affect the output.

C4 - Track 1 UNMUTE
C#4 - Track 1 MUTE
D4 - Track 2 UNMUTE
D#4 - Track 2 MUTE
F4 - Track 3 UNMUTE
F#4 - Track 3 MUTE
A4 - Track 4 UNMUTE
A4# - Track 4 MUTE

C5-D#5 - Trance Gates
E5-G#5 - Flangers
A5-C6 - LowPass Filters
C#5-E6 - Rhythmic Stutters/Looper

I plan on adding some more effects and refine a little bit of the controls. I primarily use a PC Keyboard and so it's really set up for that environment. If I someday become less lazy and hook my MIDI keyboard up to it, I may do a more musical keyboard-friendly layout, however, it's obviously open for anyone to make these edits using the current setup/layout as a guide to adding more features for yourself (which I certainly hope you do and possibly repost your edits back here!)

Everything is setup to be rather minimal on CPU, it should work on anything that can run Sunvox and has a PC keyboard or equivalent, though you can also use the on-screen keyboard as well, though it's not recommended since this project is especially effective when pushing multiple keys together.

You can see a demo of how the effects part is intended to work here (it was recorded before I added the 4 track controls so they are not present in this video, though I may update this demo later to include the track mute feature to show how it's intended to behave...)

If you use this in any recordings or live performance it's not necessary to credit me for any reason, but it would be nice if you drop me a link to your performance/project that used it. I am interested in how people utilize what I've made purely for intellectual curiosity and all that! If you plan to redistribute in a package, you should give me a heads up and/or hook a dude up with a copy of that package. Either is fine. My only REAL requirement should be obvious: NEVER SELL IT. If you do, I am fully entitled to find your place of residence and power bomb you through a coffee table covered in thumbtacks.
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