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Queries ExpLFOsive

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:45 pm
by queries
Grab the sunsynths at ... explfosive

ExpLFOsive for SunVox

ExpLFOsive is a set of exponential LFO MetaModules.

Choose anywhere from 2 to 16 LFOs, and you will have the power to construct a wide range of useful curves beyond the standard ones provided by SunVox.

How to use it

Use it in place of a standard LFO set to generator mode.

Change the all.* controllers to affect all LFOs.

Change the lfo_[0-15].* controllers to affect individual LFOs in the series.

SunVox LFO rules still apply, so when you change the waveform or set_phase of an individual LFO, it will become out of sync with the rest of the LFOs.

As with a single LFO, resync all LFOs by sending any note to the ExpLFOsive module. This will cause them all to immediately set their phase to whatever value set_phase is currently at for each

As a traditional LFO

Use it to drive a Sound2Ctl module to create exponential curves for filter sweeps, velocity changes, or whatever your imagination likes.

Use it as the modulator signal (second input) to a Modulator module to create interesting amplification envelopes, or to create weird FM wobbles.

As a sound source

Change controller 0B (all.frequency_unit) to 2 ("Hz" mode).

Then, change controller 08 to set pitch.

If you want to manipulate it with notes, set up a Pitch2Ctl module, set its OUT controller to 8, then connect it to the ExpLFOsive module.

How it works

It is implemented as a series of LFOs whose phase and controller values are kept in sync.

Each LFO acts as a multiplier for the previous in the series.

The more LFOs there are in series, the stronger the exponentiation will be.

Re: Queries ExpLFOsive

Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:46 pm
by queries
Here is the directory zipped up, for your convenience :)