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Post by Sedulous » Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:55 pm

Greetings Sunvox Community,

I am excited to share with you all the Step-Delay/Arppegiator Module.

My reason for creating this is to create an arpeggiator for non-sustained instruments, and to create and store rhythmic and melodic patterns between projects.

To use it:

(As an arpeggiator)
Connect a sound source or instument to this module, then route this module out to anything you choose. In the metamodule panel, set the controllers of each step to route to either the volume or pitch of a step. At times, you may want to set the volume levels first, then reload each control-slot with the pitch parameters according to their steps. (1 semitone = -/+10 units), and (1 octave = -/+120 units.)

(As a sequencer)
In the metamodule panel, you would set the amps labeled "Volume" of each control-slot according to the step number, then adjust the levels and/or tempo & TPL according to your choosing. You can use either the first or second controls labeled as "Volume," as it should make no difference, but I kept an amp in each step in case you find it useful to pick it apart and experiment with it in other solutions. To change the internal speed of each step, you can set
1. BPM
2. TPL
3. Delay Time (the delay time is set to lines, and the values are based on the formula (1 Line = 128 units) in the MultiCtl.)
If your system can handle it, this is also a solution to create and store rhythm patterns between projects.
To create a "gate" for the sound, you can create a "trigger" note in a pattern and open or close the sound by adjusting the length of it being played in the pattern.

Set Backs:

So far, I have not found a way to get sustained instruments or sounds to work with this module. For sustained instruments, I recommend using viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4133&p=14204#p14204; until a solution is created and posted up either by me or you.


This module may be a hog on some systems, and may slow it down, or might not work at all. Please post feedback and/or solutions if it does. :wink:
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