DJ Looper FX

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DJ Looper FX

Post by hseiken » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:05 pm

This is a simple looper based on Kaoss Pad and SP404's looper effects.

Demo song included. I tried my hardest to get the slider to behave like a switch, but because sunvox's slider resolution is so high, it seems i cannot completely get rid of that...Nightradio, solution?

Anyway, hope you guys dig it. It's definitely an improvement on the built in looper because it's tied to rational chunk sizes that are rhythmic instead of glitchy.

Technical side:
The on/off switch controls wet/dry/feedback settings on an echo machine. You turn up wet and feedback while dry turns down to get a looper. Revert back to dry with no feedback, the looper instantly returns to live audio.

Fun times. There's also a slider for chunk size. It goes from 1 line to 16 lines. Be warned 16 lines behaves oddly because it requires a certain amount of audio to feed into the delay and i am not sure how to do that without hearing the output.
Rhythmic DJ Stutter/Looper
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Re: DJ Looper FX

Post by Kid_lofi » Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:58 am

It also has the added benefit of being able to feedback-loop. A multipurpose module!
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