2 Oscillator Instrument

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2 Oscillator Instrument

Post by SawZer » Fri Sep 27, 2013 10:56 pm

This all started just because I wanted to make a metamodule that mixes two signals with only one parameter :P My 2 Osc instrument combines 2 Analog generators, kinda like the way older analog synths do. As of right now you can control the OSC types individually, OSC 2's coarse and fine pitch, OSC release (individual), OSC frequency 2 (individual), Pan, Offset, and OSC mix

OSC 1 and 2 are fed into a compressor, and OSC 1 sidechains OSC 2. Then OSC 2 sidechains OSC 1 in a separate compressor. Compressor 1's slope is used to fade between the two oscillators.

~Honestly I think it has a unique sound

~Panning: Left/Right signal amplitude
~OSC 1 Type/Release/Freq 2: Basic settings for the first oscillator
~OSC Coarse/Fine/Type/Release/Freq 2: OSC 2 gets the same parameters as OSC 1, as well as coarse and fine pitch parameters
~OSC Mix: Fade between the two oscillators
~Stereo Width: Widens the sound just a touch
~DC Offset: Gives the overall signal a positive or negative bias. Do not use this unless you know what you're doing, please

Just save the attached file. Unzip it, and inside you'll find the sunsynth file, which can be loaded directly from the module menu.

EXAMPLES: No examples yet, unfortunately. I only just made this today ;P I promise it works as advertised.
My 2 OSC instrument! :D
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Re: 2 Oscillator Instrument

Post by organic io » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:14 pm

Sounds neat mang, will have to check it out :)

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