SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

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organic io
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SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

Post by organic io »

At SDCompo, we are celebrating 10 years, and our 100th round is currently in progress. It features a large selection of vst's and samples to get your song going.

Since Sunvox doesn't have vst support, you are always able to render samples from the instruments.

And, for the first time ever, PRIZES will be awarded to the winners!

TAL has graciously offered licences for 3 of its products: TAL-Sampler, TAL-U-NO-LX and TAL-BassLine-101.

There will also be a pair of headphones awarded to one winner, and possibly more prizes!

The deadline for entry is May 29th 2016.

To enter, head over to

If you want to hear some of the great songs that have come out over the years, check out the 10 year anniversary DJ mix I did.

Soundcloud if you want a timeline view and mp3 download: ... ersary-mix

Or, it’s up on the Internet Archive if you want a high quality lossless flac download:

Hope to see you there!

-organic io & the SDCompo team
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Re: SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

Post by Koekepan »

I'd love to participate, but - and this is also a heads-up to others who avoid javascript on their systems - pretty much requires javascript for you to get tournament details.

I tried - sorry.

Is there some kind of static page that actually contains the relevant specifics?
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samrai katt kovboy
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Re: SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

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Was excited about participating but as I can not use the SunVox instruments and it would be a lot of hassle to try to try to find the right sounds in another software using the VSTi's and later sample them to import and hopefully not want to change sounds again to compose in SunVox...
Was thinking that there would be some more instrument sounds in the sample pack and do something with just samples but as it is only percussion and drums it becomes a little bit limiting...
I do think though that SunVox should be excepted when it comes to the rule of using the hosts instruments as there is more possibilities in the VSTi's to be used in the other hosts!
Hope you change this!
When this or if this gets changed do not mind to write posts about the compos on my website
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Re: SDCompo - 10 years - 100 Rounds!

Post by FreeFull »

Seems making anything good in SunVox for will mean recording your own samples. I was hoping that the sample pack would contain something more than percussion too.
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