3rd compo

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3rd compo

Post by Darkhog »

The compo will take place after "minimalistic" one. Rules:

- Make at least 5 min long module
- You cannot use sampler

Otherwise no rules at all, after finishing submission stage, there will be public poll with all modules and module which will have most votes in two weeks wins Great Prize Of Nothing ;).
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Re: 3rd compo

Post by organic io »

Sounds good, except SawZer (ChippyMunk) was already planning on running one after the minimalist compo.


So you may want to check with him (and Handle?) to coordinate some specific dates.. Either that or combine some of the compos, or run several concurrently.

I also haven't heard any updates from Handle on the minimalist compo. Is it going to start soon?
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Re: 3rd compo

Post by The Handle »

I think I could change the deadline for my comp to the middle of january or so. Send me a message if this doesn't work for you and we'll work it out :)
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