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Soundcloud (spam)messages?

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 3:05 pm
by philipbergwerf
Hi everyone,

I have a question for everyone who uses SoundCloud. I am regularly getting weird messages from totally strangers who ask me to go to a link on their profile. Example message:
heууy How thіngs arе goіng
Iwіll gladly shоw уour trасk Sunvox String Quartet
tо оur SоundClоud FаmоusAccоuntsNеtwоrk.
Неrе is whаt you'll gеt or evеn mоrе:
→ 202 іntеrestеd fоllоwеrs, 3170 hot plауs, 321 lіkes n re-роst, еxtrа Vidео Теaser.
Сhеck out the lіnk in my рrоfіlе heаdеr рiсture
HIEEE Hоws it going!
Your trасk String Quartet in Sunvox 'n' whоle SC prоfile wіth аll оf your trасks
cаn gеt DAІLY (yеah, dаilу!] commеnts, reроsts, lіkеs and fоllоwers.
32 dаys per month. Get mоre than 2150 new lіstеners еvery mоnth!
I have рlаcеd the lіnk on my prоfіle
All the detаіls there.
Who does also get these messages? I always react the same: Sounds nice!(according to a well-known youtube video) But I don't get any response which makes me think its a bot. Is there a way to not get disappointed by bots on SoundCloud? :) The reason for this post is curiosity...

Re: Soundcloud (spam)messages?

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 3:05 am
by kevintherobloxnoob
I get these many times and it just annoys me!