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90's Tracker Techstep Beatmix

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:49 pm
by hseiken
An hour of some of my favorite techstep tracks produced in FastTracker II and Impulse Tracker. All of these were made before the great 1Ghz processor hurdle was reached and all were made in MSDOS. ... hstep-mix/

A technical note about the mix:

All tracks were rendered with tiny amount of reverb applied via XMPlay, which doesn't quite correctly play Impulse Tracker files (biggest example of this is Klatu Verata by Paniq), but more or less don't hurt the vibe so much that it detracts or destroys the original songs. The songs were then loaded into Reaper and beatbatched/mixed offline (this isn't a live mix) by adding a touch of EQ to each individual track to keep the audio fairly consistent throughout and the entire mix was run through a 3 band compressor and master limiter to shave off some peaks here and there (very won't hear anything 'crushed to death' here). Overall, it's slightly more polished than the original releases audio wise, but I did my best to not alter the sound of the original songs in any significant way.

A full tracklist along with which netlabel released them is in the description of the mix, along with a link to the folder on's archive that they the original tracker files can be downloaded from.

Please enjoy the music I grew into an adult listening to!